Who We Are

Talk To The Management is an independent artist management company, with it’s headquarters based in The Netherlands.¬†TTTM is a privately and independent held personal management and consulting firm with its core business focusing on DJ’s, Music Producers, Remixers, Singer & Songwriters, Record Label Management, Music Publishing, Brand Development and Strategic Guidance.

The company has more than thirty years of experience and knowledge of the international dance music scene and has been active on the event and artist/music producer side, as well as label/product-management, marketing and sales. The network has grown over the years and has become the backbone of the company. With a very experienced team TTTM strives to perfection, in every single detail.

Main activities

Artist Management
The function of this department is to manage the global careers of all of our artists.

Remix Management
Remix Management is the division of the business that manages the remix careers of a variety of artists.

Producer Management
Producer & Writer Management is a specific department that represents the songwriting and production activities of our entire roster.

Synchronization & Publishing
This division of the company enables us to offer full publishing facilities to artists managed.

Rights Department
Our Rights Department offers total label management, ranging from digital aggregation, creative input, physical manufacturing and distribution (by third parties as well) to licensing and synchronization.

In detail this contains

  • Marketing strategy
  • Business Management
  • Career planning
  • A&R consultancy
  • Initiating and negotiating record, remix, publishing and ghost production deals
  • Coordination between artist and financial planners/tax consultants/accountants
  • Personal management
  • Initiating and negotiating sponsoring and endorsement deals
  • Label management
  • Admin/collection services Neighbouring Rights


  • Publicity coordination
  • Tour support/management